Friday, April 6, 2012

Super Late Edition of Festival Friday

Okay, okay, I know. I'm a horrible blogger. I've already missed one day this week (so much guilt) and here I am trying to post at 10 pm on a Friday night (I wasn't always as lame as being home and in my pjs on a Friday night but apparently having children does such things to ya). I have just had one of those weeks where I feel like all I've done is chase my tail. I worked an extra shift at work and Hubby has been working into the evenings which puts me in overtime for Mommy duty. I will try to do better. I promise.

So, for this week's edition of Festival Friday, there's not a wide array of activities since the Easter holiday is upon us. I have a premonition that your weekend (and mine and your neighbors and my sister's friend's daughter's pet cat) will have a weekend full of ham dinners (don't forget the cheesy taters) and egg hunts. Quick funny story.... My oldest sister hid dyed Easter eggs under her bed when she was a kid because they were so pretty she didn't want to get rid of them. Took my mom weeks to figure out what that awful stench was!

This pic was hijacked from Google

I have never heard of such a thing as what I'm about to reveal to you, but Kansas City is hosting an Easter Parade tomorrow (Saturday). Location is Zona Rosa on Dixson Avenue. Parade starts at 11am and you can call 816-587-8180 for more info.

St Louis is also playing host to several events over the holiday weekend. Head to the Anheuser-Busch Consumer Hospitality Center on Saturday from 11am-1pm for their Clydesdale Camera Day and get a chance to snap a shot with one of the famous Busch Clydesdales. If you're a classic car fan, looks like the 51st Annual Concours d'Elegance will be on Saturday in the Upper Muny parking lot in Forest Park. This event features the classics, sporty rides, and mini trucks. And no, I don't know what Concours d'Elegance means. Take a drive to Six Flags at your chance to hunt for 4,000 (yep, that's how many zeros there are) eggs on Sunday, the holiday itself. Be quick to register (registration begins at 10:30), as this is only open to the first 1,000 visitors. Also, this event is only for children 12 and under.

If you're into the Farmers Market thing and live in the Springfield area, you can check out the grand opening of the Spring Gardening Kick-Off. I badly wish Jefferson City had a decent Farmers Market. Nashville living provided me access to the biggest, widest selection of locally grown fruits, veggies, and even meats! It was fabulous. This event is celebrating the new Farmers Market of the Ozarks and will feature vendors, cooking demos, live music, and kiddie to-dos. Be sure to bring canned or box food for donation as a thank you.

Hope somebody out there can get out and enjoy some of these activities. Be sure and let me know what you got to do. Hope everyone has a Hoppy Easter (overused I know, yet I just couldn't resist myself). The Gravel-Roadin' Guru, Pan

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