Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oh Glorious Sunday

Happy Fantastic Sunday Folks! The flowers are definitely in bloom right now. This is just a tiny sampling of what's to come this week, when I talk about my couple hour venture to the State Capital in Jefferson City. I got to spend yesterday morning with a friend and her kiddos (and of course, my beautiful baby girl!) at the gorgeous capital building right here in our own backyard! I hope everybody has gotten a chance to "blow the stink off 'em" (as my momma would say, because her momma said it) this weekend, as we're on our last day to enjoy it before it's back to the ole grind. Unfortunately for me, I am back to the ole grind in about an hour (for my day job duty-or night job as it happens to be). I hope you're enjoying this weather at least one tiny bit of how much I am. Robby and I always remark on how we're pretty sure that the both of us are solar powered. The amount of energy that comes flowing through my bones when the weather turns nice is unreal! I'm so glad we had a short lived winter and it looks as if the spring weather is here to stay. Tell me, what'd you do this weekend? Remember, there's more to come of my weekend adventure. Until then, this is The Gravel-Roadin' Guru, Pan

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