Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday

Welcome back folks! Here I am. Day 2 of my residency in BlogVille. I made it through my first day and now I'm back for more. I can see how a new blogger (me) would get discouraged in the early days. All this time and thought put into your writing and trying to create something awesome. Yet no comments on your post. Which is what happened to me yesterday. I wrote a long introduction and welcome letter for my first posting and nobody commented (except my husband who only verbally commented, "It's a little wordy"). That's ok. I expected that. In the words of Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, "They will come". If you haven't seen Field of Dreams, shame on you. It's a great movie! I did, however, envoke a debating session with my best friend and her boyfriend. "It's gravel-roadin'". "No, it's road-trippin'". Makes me laugh. That is, in fact, the same debate Robby and I always have which was complete inspiration for the title of my blog. My friend and her boyfriend are like us in the sense that she is from the side of the Missouri River where I am from, and her boyfriend is from "the other side" like Robby. I'm glad I could get people talking anyway. So, you've seen the title for today, Wishlist Wednesday. My vision for Wednesdays is to reveal a special place or area of Missouri that I wish to travel to soon. I also hope that my future followers (aka YOU) will take part in the convo. Comment on today's post (and all our future Wishlist Wednesdays) and tell me where in Missouri you want to explore. Or, you can tell me a place you would like to see me visit so that I can provide you with all my glorious insight. So, here we go. The place for today's Wishlist Wednesday is (drumroll please........) Ste. Genevieve. This quaint-looking town is located what looks like about an hour south of St. Louis along the Mississippi River. Now, for those of you who don't know me (which I'm thinking is pretty much all of you at this point) should know that Robby and I are river rats. What's a river rat you ask? The "definition" of a river rat, is a little something like this. A person who lives by the river or is so drawn to the river that they spend all their time possible on or around the river. Sounds like it came straight from Webster, right? But really. That's my husband and I to a T. During the summers, you will find us on the Osage River floating about on our Bass Tracker boat most weekends. We love the river and the total feeling of relaxation it sends through our bones. That may be part of the allure of Ste. Genevieve for me is that it is a small river town. Either way, as I was browsing the net to get info and learn a bit about this town, it looks like it has plenty to engage travelers (gravel-roaders) with. Twenty-five or so unique boutiques to shop in, a B&B, a whole slew of restaurants, about 8 historic sites to visit, and a winery (Hello! My favorite part). If any of you followers have been to Ste Genevieve, tell me about it. I want to hear it all. I'm not going to put a timeframe on when I plan to go, but I hope that within the next several months we'll be able to take a weekend and do some gravel-roadin' down that way. Well there I've done it anyway, put a timeframe on it. Let me try that again. I'm not going to put a timeframe on when I plan to go, but I hope it can be soon. That's better. Ok folks. That's it for today. Until tomorrow, The Gravel-Roadin' Guru, Pan

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  1. Apparently, there are not enough gravel roads on the other side of the river to be able to go "gravel-roadin"! Pshhh!!

    My Wishlist Wednesday includes Mark Twain Lake. Not really a small river town, but a place I want to go and know nothing about. Would love to take the kids up there... or down or over there?! I need to do more research.