Monday, April 1, 2013

Unknown Landmark: Missouri Route K outside of Hermann, MO

Roadtrips. That's where this whole thing started. Gravel-roadin' and hitting the roads. I can't remember exactly when I started or exactly why I fell in love but over the years, I've enjoyed more gravel-roadin' adventures than I can remember.

Several years back, I was in a funk. I had just went through a break up and felt a little blue. One Saturday morning, I was showering and had an overwhelming urge to just get out.

I hopped in my car, ready for some high quality alone time. There was nothing on the agenda. No map in the car. Simply me and the roads.

I have always enjoyed Hermann and headed down that direction. The beauty in the river, the majesty in the hills, it all hits me in just the right place. Somewhere along the trip, I ended up traveling along Missouri Route K, located just off Highway 19 just north of Hermann.

I came across the most amazing building set back in a field just off Route K.

Not what you were expecting?

There's something you should know about me. I'm fascinated with old buildings. Old, dilapitated, worn down, withered away buildings. There's so much history and so many stories hidden in walls just like these. Old houses strike me with intrigue.

In fact, I was so amazed by this old structure that years later, I drove Robby right back here so he could take it all in too. He's a bit of an old house nerd-o like me!

I can't figure out what this particular building is. It's obviously old. It looks kind of like a house but to me, it seems, it's a pretty fancy setup for a house that old. Generally speaking, houses of this era were simple and square. It doesn't look like a church either. Hmmm.....

If you know what it is, have seen it before, or know who I can go to and figure out this puzzle I've been pondering all these years, let me know.

I would have liked to take a closer look but the "No Trespassing" signs made me think better of it.

Enjoy your week everyone!

Pan, The Gravel-Roadin' Guru

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