Friday, March 29, 2013

Royal Gorge, Colorado

The same day we toured the craziness of Bishop's Castle, we also drove up to Royal Gorge. They're about an hour drive away from each other so it's really doable to push these two into the same day.

Winter is apparently not the "in-season" for Royal Gorge but it was still a great site to see. And we didn't have to fight many other tourists either. We didn't get there until late into the afternoon because we had been trodging around Bishop's Castle most of the morning. Unfortunately for us, things were already closing down for the day.

We took the ride (it's not really a ride but I can't think of the dern name of it) down the mountainside to the bottom of the Gorge, which has the river running through it. My sister says they did a white water rafting adventure when they first moved to Colorado several years ago. Apparently it was a good time so you should check it out if you go during the summer.

My beautiful sis and niece, JoJo and Rachel

As we were going down, I tried to yodel the miner's yodel from Price Is Right. No one got my joke.

The sun is just about to set over the mountains
So, you take this ride (once again, my memory fades as to what the heck they call it) down the mountain so you're just alongside the river. It's a beautiful view. But, they only give you 3 minutes down there! For goodness sake, I can't create a memory in 3 minutes people! That was a little irritating. Especially since we took the last ride down so there was no time for dilly dally. Annoying, Royal Gorge people. Flat annoying.

Once we got back to the top, we walked across the massive bridge. You can drive across it too, which I would really recommend if you go in the winter. It takes a lot longer to drive across than it looks.

I cannot believe Robby actually had the guts to walk out there. He is so terrified of heights.

View from the top
My clan
No doubt she's the cutest toddler to cross the Gorge. Of all time!
There are crazy people who have jumped from this bridge. This ridiculously high bridge. No. Thank. You.

The view travels farther than the eye can see
I have never been to the Grand Canyon but I imagine this is Colorado's version. Winter or summer, I'm sure they both offer beauty to see. It's a kid-friendly place. Olivia was fine traveling in her stroller across the bridge and she did fine when we held her to ride that thing (again, no memory) down the mountain. Go earlier in the day because you'll have more services than we had available to us. I think it was 20 some dollars per person. I can't exactly remember but it may have been 30 some too. Either way, I thought it was a little pricey.

The things you do for site-seeing.

Enjoy your weekend!

Pan, The Gravel-Roadin' Guru

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