Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vibrant little town: Manitou Springs, CO

Manitou (pronounced man-eh-too) Springs sits just on the outskirts of Colorado Springs, no more than a hop, skip, and jump away.

Our first full day of Colorado was halfway spent getting from Stratton to Colorado Springs, since the highways had shut down for some unknown, unGodly reason the night prior. By the time we took the long way in (because I was jabbering on the phone and didn't tell Robby to make a turn), and by the time we unloaded the vehicle, and by the time we changed O's entire outfit (pee all the way through which of course soaked into my sweater), and by the time we sat around the living room chit-chatting, there really wasn't left of our day.

So just as a 'something-to-do', we set out for Manitou Springs. I've been here before. Several times. Each time seems different yet the same. It's honestly one of the cutest little towns I've seen. It's got the small town feel but it's got tons of life with all the restaurants and shops that line the curvy little mountain town roads.

On this day, we were late in the day so there were a lot of shops closed down for the day. So go at a decent time if you want to actually get your biggest bang for the buck.

Manitou Springs has fresh springs throughout the town. Huh. Who would have thought, right? Each spring is offered for tastings through water fountains built just for this purpose.

Robby helps himself
When one thinks of a freshwater spring, one thinks of something that is colder than ice. Fresher than Dasani. Cleaner than Clorox. Well, I'm here to tell you that these springs taste nasty! Nasty, I tell ya. One tasted (and smelled) like rotten eggs.

"Oh Lord that's awful!"
Still yet, there's the novelty in the tasting of the springs.

Or the novelty of just standing beside the dern thing for a photo op
There are shops with handmade pottery and original paintings by Colorado Springs artists. These things are always great to take home and remind you of your vacay. Also good for supporting the local arts! (Even if some of these arts are weird. Very weird)

Manitou Springs feels, to me, like a town of movement. A town where there is always change, always something new, and a town where there is something for everyone. The storefronts are inviting and the streets are easily maneuverable. We had Olivia in the stroller so it is easy to get around even with toddlers in tow.

According to my sister, Colorado Springs resident, there is always something happening in Manitou Springs.

The biggest interest peaker for me was hearing that every year they have the Emma Crawford Coffin Races. Apparently long ago (for the sake of sounding historical we'll say 1894), there was a woman buried atop the mountain and her casket was swept through the town, right along the streets, when the town experienced a great rain storm. In honor (or something like that) of Emma, there are coffin races down the streets every year. Each team dresses up, has a whole theme, and really puts on a good show for all passerbys.

How much fun does this look like?

If you're in the area, I highly recommend spending a day in Manitou Springs and checking out all it has to offer. You won't be disappointed.


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