Thursday, March 21, 2013

Float Trips & Camping ~MO River Style~

I'm not finished telling you about my Colorado vacation. I still have things to cover like skiing atop the most gorgeous mountain and of course, driving through the arm pit of the US. AKA: Kansas. Ugh.
But today my Missouri friends, I am going to divulge some Missouri stuff. Float trips and camping. What's more Missouri than that?

The float trip I'm going to tell you about is not the kind you are thinking of. You know, the Current River (or Bennett Springs or Meramac, whichever region you're in), drinking all day, jello shots, TONS of rafts and canoes that are all just floating lifelessly by mid-afternoon.

No, no. Now, I've been on my fair share of those but the float trip we went on last summer was one of the more laid back style. Robby and I had just bought our pontoon. My friend, Danielle, and her boyfriend, Matt, came along on their fishing boat (it's a bit of a stretch to say just "fishing boat". Matt's boat is fairly massive for a "fishing boat"), two other couples, Lindsey & Jon, Amber & Jesse came along too.

We met up at the Mokane River Access to the Missouri. If you've never put in here, know that it can sometimes be a little tricky. The annual juggin' tournament had just finished so fisherman were still lingering about telling all the tales of the morning. Matt & Danielle (well, Matt really) won 1st place so kudos to him. He was in fish-heaven all day.

We set out with no real plan. Our boat was completely loaded down with coolers galore, tents, fold-up chairs, bags, and probably tons of crap that we really didn't need but I have some friends who tend to come overprepared. Ahem. Amber.....

Anyways, I don't know what I had in mind. Our plans had changed to camping on the riverbank, to this, and then back to something else.

What we ended up with was perfect. We floated and boated (Haha. I'm a poet and didn't know it!) all afternoon. Drinking cold brewskies and soaking up the intense Missouri summer sun. We talked and laughed. We listened to music. We laid there. And did nothing. For hours. And it was great.

I adore these gals! Besties for the longest time.

 Being a parent is the most wonderful thing God ever did for my life but it's also the most stressful. I hate being away from Olivia but it's also good for my soul. It's good to just go be "Amanda" and listen completely and just be. I enjoyed this trip so much that I'm certain we're going to have to go again this year.

We actually went towards the end of summer, with Autumn on the horizon and the leaves were beginning to turn. This is one of the most beautiful times to spend on the rivers. The bluffsides are blazing with all the bright colors of this time. Robby has always said that when he lived on the Osage River, the fall was always the best.

Heaven, I tell ya. Pure Heaven.
 The river was so low last year that there were plenty of sandbars to choose from. This one was just perfect as it was kind of blocked off from the main waterway of the Missouri.

Do not judge. I promise we picked it all up. Promise.

Setting up shop. I mean, camp. Setting up camp.

Like the 30 year olds that we are, we all passed out at a reasonable time and were up at a reasonable time. The perfect time to enjoy the stillness of the water and air. The time before life begins. We made breakfast. We sat there, none of us in a hurry to get back to "regular life".

As much as our boat needs a full river, I did so enjoy having this huge sandbar all to ourselves. I'm hoping to have another such trip this coming year. As these winter days drag on and on (yeah, nothing but 20s and 30s for the next week!), I keep these thoughts in my soul and dream of the warmer days to come.

What was your best float trip? What are you looking forward to this summer?

Keep your chin up, folks. Spring is here and the winter days will be gone before we know it! (That's what Robby keeps reassuring me anyway)


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  1. Missed this one some how, but really enjoyed reading about it :) One of my most FAVORITE times EVER!!