Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amtrak through Missouri

Last year, shortly after I had Olivia, Robby surprised me with a train ride for the weekend to St Louis. I hadn't been on the train since I was a kid and even then, I can't even hardly remember that trip. The train definitely isn't luxury at it's finest but man, did it work out well!

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We boarded at the station in Jeff City and traveled along the Missouri River passing through this town and that town. We enjoyed taking in the sights that a person never gets to see using our normal methods of travel. The river seems even more majestic up close and personal. Each river town is lined with what looks like centuries-old buildings. Each one with more character than the last.
It's a good thing I'm not scared of certain people in the world though. At the train station, before loading, I noticed there were quite a few corrections officers. Then I started noticing all the men with their single, paper bag. You know what that means, right? A little creepy? Yes.

The train stopped near downtown St Louis so it's just a short taxi ride to wherever you want to go. We enjoyed our weekend, took a taxi ride back to the train station and we were back home in Jeff City in just a couple hours (if even).

So, when we were invited on another train trip last October for Oktoberfest in Hermann, of course we jumped on the opportunity.... and train! My favorite time of year of course. The ride from Jeff City to Hermann is a short 45 minutes. There were people packed like sushi on this train; everyone wanting to get their wine buzz on without having the responsibility of designating a driver. This train ride was fun.

Everyone was playful and ready to party, people anticipating the atmosphere that awaits in Hermann on any crisp, October day.

We took advantage of the food and beverage car. Our first trip (to St Louis), I didn't even know that they sold alcohol on this train. But alas, they do!

We enjoyed the day in Hermann. Venturing from Hermannhoff to the brewery and back. Hermann does have a trolley for $15 per day had we wanted to get to any of the other wineries (definitely missed Oak Glenn and Adam Puchta that day) but we saved our money and enjoyed the day anyway.

Oh yes. We enjoyed the day.

This is a trip I look forward to taking again in the future. Maybe next time we'll spend the night in one of the little cabins offered at Hermannhoff!

Check out the Amtrak website. There are stops all along Missouri from Kansas City to St Louis. Take a trip. You'll be glad you did.

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