Friday, February 8, 2013

Bed and Breakfast: Second Creek in Owensville, MO

I hate winter. I always have. Probably always will. However, the older I get, the more tolerant of Old Man Winter I have become. I don't mind the snow and ice as long as I can just snuggle down in my house and enjoy the view from inside. Even though it's rare that this happens.

But, I do enjoy that cozy feeling. You know the one. Sitting fireside just listening to the crackle and pop of the embers. Sipping on hot chocolate underneath the blanket. Fluffy socks in place. Snuggling with your honey. And really, winter is the only time we can get that cozy feeling. Have you ever had that comfy, cozy feeling while you're sweating your butt off in the middle of summer?? I didn't think so.

(Don't take me wrong-I'm not trying to dis summer. Summer is by far my favorite season. It's like I always say-The Hotter The Better!)

If you're looking for the PERFECT place to grab "the feeling" this winter, you need to book an evening or two at Second Creek Bed and Breakfast in Owensville, MO.

Many moons ago, Robby surprised me for Christmas by taking me here. I had no idea where we were going, he just told me to pack an overnight bag and he drove me to the middle of nowhere. Which is part of the charm here. The 2 story, gorgeous log lodge is set atop a hill on a several hundred acre farm giving you more peace than the last Miss America.

Upon arrival, we walked into the check-in office to check-in. Duh-obviously. The process was short and sweet. The lady of the lodge pulled out a tray of homemade soap and let us choose which soap we wanted for our stay. A small chunk was chopped and wrapped for us to take to our room. For some reason, I just thought this was the coolest thing. Homemade soap! I'm sure most of ya'll probably won't be as intrigued as I was but maybe there's another sappy soap soul out there.

We were escorted up the stairs to our room. Impressed. We were both totally impressed.

Pay no attention to the clothes and mess we made here

Real, log fireplace!

This place was no share-the-bathroom-with-the-folks-down-the-hall place either. In the corner of each room was an enormous jetted tub. Big enough to fit all the guests in the lodge. Well, that may be stretching it a little.....

Looking back now, I wished we had spent more time in that tub. I miss that big tub. Especially while the fire was roaring, which you can see faced the tub. How perfect is that!

The room was sizeable yet cozy. Here we are again. Back to "cozy". There was no tv, which we both thought was awesome. Who needs tv in a bed and breakfast anyway? We played cards and checkers from the cabinet in our room. We lit the fire. Well, we did not light the fire. Robby and Robby alone lit the fire. I should give credit where credit is due, I suppose.

The bathroom is simply separated by a folding partition (as you can see in the last pic). Which doesn't allow for much privacy but worked out just fine.

Getting ready for dinner
The evening meal was NOT included in the price of our stay. Breakfast was but dinner was an additional fee. Since it was our first time here, Robby wasn't sure where we could get dinner when staying just east of nowhere so he arranged for us to have dinner in. The other customers had all arranged the same. There are only 4 rooms here, so it was us and 3 other couples for dinner that night. The meal was served fireside (of course!) in the gorgeous main area of the lodge.

The eating area was just beside the fire on the main level
The lodge was appropriately adorned with Christmas decor throughout. Tis the season!

I'm not sure if the owner has training in the culinaries but she knew something about cookin'. Both dinner and breakfast the next morning were amazing! Alcohol was an added fee with dinner. We did sneak in our own wine supply for the room.

There was a pool table and books on the main level. There were walking trails and a lake for fishing available to all guests. The front porch had chairs for sittin'. Had it not been so darn cold we probably would have enjoyed the views and some front porch sittin'.

View from the front porch. You can't get much more serenity, right?
There were 2 other couples that told us they made a trip out of the lodge every year at Christmastime. It's definitely worth the drive. You can find them online. Just google Second Creek Bed and Breakfast. But you better go get your "feeling" fast. Spring will be here before we know it. (I know, yeah right. I'm just hoping for spring to be right around the corner. It always seems like winter drags out into 8 years or something.)

As a bonus, Robby proposed to me that night. So this is a place we will never forget!

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