Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finding Beauty Amongst the Dead ~ Missouri Waterways~

Let's face it. Missouri isn't very picturesque during the winter. I look outside and all I see is death. Death of the grass. Death of the trees. Death of all my beautiful flowers.

Death. Death. Death.

See? Death.
 Therefore, I went in search of the one thing that I can always count on to be beautiful to me. The one thing that is mostly unchanging no matter what season it may be.


Plain and simple. Water. Rivers. Ponds. Lakes. Streams. It doesn't matter what form it comes in but living in Central Missouri, we are definitely blessed to be surrounded by some awesome waterways.

I think my high regard of water began when I had first moved to the Lake of the Ozarks. I was in my early 20s and didn't even live on the water but anywhere I drove, I was always alongside the lake. And I absolutely loved it. There's a feeling of calmness and peace I get just from a quick glance of the rivers or lakes in our area.

I'm thankful that I married a man that has this same (maybe a little bizarre) adherence to the water. Robby has owned a boat since I've known him and all of our time together, both here and our short stent in Nashville, we enjoyed much time together on the rivers.

My poor child was out of milk yesterday and even though she's coming up on 1 1/2 years old (I swear I don't know how time has flown by so fast), she still insists on a bottle of milk for nap time. Since I was out, I thought a drive would do us both good. She slept and Mommy went in search of "beauty".

This access to the Moreau River is located on Buffalo Rd just off Highway 54

Boat ramp at Honey Creek access: I would recommend only using a boat with a jet prop.

Moreau River: great for kayaking.

Gravel-Roadin': It's what I do!

Moreau River Access just off Highway 50 right outside of Jeff City.

Aw schucks, Missouri Department of Conservation. You're no fun. No fun at all.

Robby almost lost our truck in this very spot. But, that's a story for another day.

Old railroad bridge above the Moreau just off Algoa Rd

I know this is a terrible picture but there was a truck coming behind me as I was stopped in the middle of the road just to take this shot. I had no time for adjustments.

Mari-Osa Access: just off highway 50 outside of Jeff City accessing the Osage River and Maries River

The Osage River: my favorite. I could sit and stare at this view all day long.
 I am definitely ready to get the boat out now. I can feel the breeze in my sun-soaked hair now!

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